I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson*Spoiler Free Review*

NoahandJude. Where do I begin? I loved the style of writing that this book was written in. The author chose to switch from Noah to Jude in each chapter and it was nice to see both perspectives albeit a bit confusing at times. In fact, I’m still confused a tad bit but more so about why I didn’t love love love this book. Don’t get me wrong, the story drew me in from the start so much that I put down all other books and finished this one in a few days. And I am not a fast reader. But I think I went in expecting so much more. I give this book a solid 4 stars because I loved Noah so much and Jude wasn’t too bad but for a 5 star rating, I would need to be deeply in love with the main characters and while Noah is a darling, Jude just felt a little off.

I loved seeing Noah’s character grow and evolve throughout the story. I really loved that he is an artist and that Jude is as well. It made the story more interesting as it became a central theme throughout the book. Everything centered around the art. It is the backbone of the story and all the characters are bound together by it. While I am not an artist myself, I can see how it brings people together. Let’s just say, it brings the right people together in this story.As I said before, I couldn’t even put this book down and its been a while since I felt that way. I loved how the story developed and the twists and turns were so great. I loved the highs and the lows. I loved seeing both viewpoints. I also loved how everything culminated in the end.

Overall, I would recommend this book highly to readers who like YA books that deal with real life issues, personal growth, and the power of love. Its a good one and I would read another of her books in a heartbeat. The ending is just right. “Split-aparts” is a perfect addition to the story as it is the sweetest rendition of what it means to have a soulmate and to be someone’s soulmate. Ah right in the feels!

I would like to take this final moment to thank you for visiting my humble blog. I hope you will leave feedback as this was my first book review and I honestly am not that certain that I did a good job. I will do better next time by taking notes while I read the book in order to get more information into the review.


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