Kin of Cain by Matthew Harffy


I just finished Kin of Cain by Matthew Harffy and I thought it was a really exciting story! Quite the adventure. The novella is short but doesnt fall short on adventure. It follows a band of anglo saxons on a journey to find the beast named the “Kin of Cain”. It was so interesting and I really enjoyed the storyline behind the Hrunting sword. It added a nice touch to the story.The chapters seemed short and seamless resulting in a fast read. I liked the characters and they felt so relateable because even though they were tough guys, you could feel their fear at the uncertainty that was the beast. It’s nice to see that in a story especially one full of action like this one. I enjoy seeing some of their customs regarding the dead. The ending parts are shocking to say the least as the beast’ identity is revealed and it’s for sure a crazy twist! I am definitely going to read more of the books set in Bernicia.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars. I would like to see more about females from this time period but I understand it is a short story and can’t cover everything in that world. I really enjoyed this and recommend it if you want a short, fast, exciting ride!

I received an e-book arc of this story from NetGalley free of charge. I really appreciated the opportunity to read and review this book. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  This book is set to release March 1, 2017.

Happy Reading!


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