Book Blog Newbie Tag

Alright guys, so I found this tag over on Bella Blogs Because Books and although she states that she didn’t create the tag, I thought it would be nice to link back to her blog just because I found it there. 🙂 Whoever did create, thanks!

1. Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog because I love reading so much and I am addicted to booktube. However I am too shy to actually do that so blogging is a happy balance. I’m able to post and not actually be on camera. I also wanted to get into the book review/blogging world.

2. What are some fun and unique things I can bring to book blogging?

I feel like I read a lot of different books. I enjoy reading Middle Grade books with my son but I also like YA so I can bring different perspectives.

3. What am I most excited for about this blog?

Getting followers, new books, and meeting new people. 😀

4. Why do I love reading?

I feel like I can escape and forget my worries. I love getting lost in a good story.

5. What book or series got me into reading?

I would say I have been a reader since before I can remember but the ones that stand out to me most are:

Harry Potter series

Shivers book series(anyone remember these?)

Goosebumps book series

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

6. What questions would I ask my favorite authors?

Well first I would proclaim my love for them. lol. THEN I would probably be overcome with emotion.

THEN I would ask them how they created such masterpieces? I don’t really know what I would ask. Tough one.

7. What challenges do I think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Getting followers and meeting people. I am not a social person although I want to be.

8. When did I start reading?

When I was super young. I loved the Goosebumps and Shivers series’

9. Where do I read?

I read in every room in my house lol. Anywhere and everywhere really. I always keep a book or ereader with me wherever I go so that if given the chance, I will be able to get a few chapters in.

10. What kinds of books do I like to read?

I like Middle Grade, Teen, YA, New Adult, Contemporary…any Fantasy, Sci Fi…A tad bit of romance but I’m selective. I don’t like lusty books about cowboys and all but I do enjoy the Virgin River series for good, clean romance and happy reads. I really like a lot of different books.



  1. Marrill Collins

    The book community is one of the nicest and most supportive communities I’ve ever been in! (And I’ve been in quite a few 😉 ) You’re post is really good – I don’t think you’ll have a problem with getting followers!

    Liked by 1 person

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