Cold Summer by Gwen Cole


Today, he’s a high school dropout with no future.
Tomorrow, he’s a soldier in World War II.

-Gwen Cole

Let’s get into this! So I have just finished reading Cold Summer by Gwen Cole. I will say that I enjoyed the book and felt like I read it fairly quickly. That’s always a sign that I’m into it and enjoying it. I wouldn’t say I devoured it and loved it though. BUT I wanted to. That counts for something right?

I really liked the premise of the book. Time Travel is dear to my heart(Dr. Who, Outlander). So when I read a book blurb that involves time travel, I’m pretty much already invested in it. This book is about a young guy named Kale(like the greens) and a girl named  Harper(unique names huh?). They grew up together and were good friends but basically Kale has an issue getting in the way of them being more. While they both like each other alot and with Harper’s move situating her closer to Kale’s home, you would think they would just take the plunge and start dating. The problem is Kale is a time traveler. Yup, full fledged yearhopper. So the truth of the matter is, he’s always time traveled. But it has always been short,safe trips and then he comes back home. Now, he’s traveling more frequently, for longer stretches and he’s going to a dangerous time/place. He’s traveling back to World War II, as a soldier in the war. Say what?! Yes, he leaves modern day and is sent back in time to the middle of war. Scary and dangerous and unavoidable. And he feels as though he has no control over the situation.

So I enjoyed the way the author had alternating chapters for both Kale and Harper. It is really nice to get each of the main characters’ perspectives. I thought that the story was really nice but I felt like something was off or missing. I really can’t put my finger on it but in an effort to be honest, I feel like it has to do with the story being sort of flat. The characters are fine but it wasn’t quite deep enough. The kid is traveling back in time into a war zone but each time it doesn’t feel as in-depth as it should. Sure there were gunshots and people were injured just as it would really have happened then but I wish that Gwen Cole would have gone deeper into the storyline. I wish we had learned more about everything. More. I also feel like I knew it would tie up in a nice neat bow by the end. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good happy ending to a story and maybe I’ve been reading too much lately, but it felt like everything was going to perfectly fix itself before the book was over and…well I’m not going to spoil anything. Suffice it to say that I felt like it needed more..of something. All I can do is be honest. I loved the premise of it but maybe if it had been fleshed out more, it would have been a more solid read. Either way, it gets a 3/5 stars from me and I did enjoy it for the most part.

I was grateful to be able to receive this advance review copy of the e-book from Sky Pony Press and Edelweiss. It was provided to me at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

This book is set to release May 2, 2017 so be on the look out!

What are your thoughts on this book?




  1. kmorrison04

    Sometimes I want that kind of ending but sometimes I want a shocker lol. Real life problems don’t always work out so I appreciate it when books are realistic and maybe have a sad or different ending tham expected. Thanks and hope this month’s reading is going well for you!


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