Book Haul!

So I received a few books in the mail and also found a few at a thrift store (I love buying secondhand because it saves so much money).

More books you ask?

When will the madness stop?

Never. I cannot control myself around books. They are my Achilles heel. It’s impossible for me to walk away without purchasing athe least one. Even if I can’t possible read it anytime soon. Lol.

I’m including the Goodreads links for each of these.

Here are my newest additions:



Lola by Melissa Scrivner Love

This is an ARC that I received from Librarything. I’m excited to read this one. It’s set to release March 21, 2017.

Warriors #1-Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Warriors #2-Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter

I keep finding these in the thrift shop and my son and I are working our way through this series now. He’s read a few but I have yet to start. I hear so much about these and while the series is older, it has one of my favorite storylines..talking animals!


Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Book of the Month

This is one the BOTM book choices. BOTM is a subscription based book service and right now it’s only $5 for the first month. I actually am impressed by it and if you don’t like getting other bookish items and only want a book, it may be a good choice for you. I’m thinking I am more of an Owl Crate girl because I like the extras. Excited to read this one!

Happy Reading guys! And thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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