Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the day of love and I just want to talk a bit about a magical love story that I recently had the opportunity to read and review. I fell in so deep and am so in love with everything about this story.❤

My Review


Love & Gravity by Samantha Sotto ❤

Andrea Louviere, a girl living in our modern day falls in love with a man named Isaac Newton from a distant time in history. The love story between the two is interesting as it revolves around a common theme of music. When Andrea plays her cello, she opens a time rift and through a crack in the wall, is able to glimpse into the past and see Isaacs vastly different life. Samantha Sotto weaves a beautiful tale that explains their unconventional romance and showcases how love can break molds and truly stand the test of time.

This book is a wonderful choice for Valentine’s day. I can’t shout my praises for this story enough. I encourage you to take a chance and read this. I am pretty certain you will get lost in the pages of this treasure as easily as I did. If you love time travel and romance, try it out.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.

Now on to my valentines day gift fromy my husband. I am so happy about this one! The cover is so striking! ❤❤❤


Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Happy Reading! 😙🙃




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