The Nearness of You by Amanda Eyre Ward


The Nearness of You by Amanda Eyre Ward is my latest read. I can’t get over the cover now after reading the book because I feel like the flowers each represent the characters. I see the top flower as Dorrie and the closed bud as Eloise. The fully open yellow flowers is Suze the to me. I love the colors on the cover and feel like it is intriguing enough that I would have bought this book if I didn’t get an ARC.

So for starters, the book is about Hyland and Suzette Kendall, a middle aged couple who when faced with infertility, turn to Dorrie, a young potential surrogate who is more than eager to help. Dorothy ‘Dorrie’ Muscarello is young and broke but has a chance to change it around if she attends the University she has been accepted to. Just one issue. She can’t afford tuition. Being a surrogate for the Kendall seems to be her one way ticket out and she takes it. Will Suzette be able to love a child that isn’t hers biologically? And will she even be able to bond when she didn’t even want kids to begin with? Will Dorrie be able to say goodbye when the baby is born and leaves with the Hylands? So many questions and with less than 250 pages, there is so little time. No worries thiugh, Amanda Eyre Ward does a good job of telling the story and of weaving in and out of each characters pov to get the reader attached to seeing where things go.

This book evokes so many emotions and questions. What does it take to be a mother? Is it possible to love a child that isn’t biologically yours the same as you would a child that is yours?

I really enjoyed the way each chapter tells a different character pov. I especially liked Dorrie and feel like she made me feel so invested in seeing what happens.

My one complaint about this book is the ending. I felt like I had been on the ride of my life and the ending just left me dissatisfied and wanting more. It ended too abruptly for me. Overall I give this story 4/5 stars!

Thanks to Random Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book before it’s February 21st release date. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest opinion.


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