Stuck in a reading slump?

Getting out of a reading slump!


So I’m really struggling this month with reading and feel like I’m not making much progress at all. In an effort to not only help myself but others as well, I thought I would make a blog post about this topic. Hopefully I will work my way out of my current situation.

1. Stop reading and start watching!


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, cable
Detach from reading completely and just put your time and energy into a tv show. I keep hearing this is good and I have done this in the past and it has helped me out. By focusing on a tv show.l, your mind gets a break and it’s kind of like coming up for air. After a season or two of a new favorite show, you can revisit reading and you should now be out of the book slump.

2. Read a book outside of your typical genre!

You usually read YA? Read a contemporary or a historical fiction. Maybe a memoir? Browse books that you probably wouldn’t ever read. This can help because broadening your reading preference can not only help you out of your slump but can also open you up to new books.
3. Try a book with short stories!



A short book can definitely help you out of a slump by giving you a short, sweet story to read in a short, sweet time period. 🙂 I know when I finish a book, it makes me feel really good.
4. drop the book you are reading and pick up something else!


Just stop what you are reading. Put it down and pick something else. Simple huh? I know that by doing this you can just take a break from that book that has you in a slump and come back to it later. Or not.
5. close your eyes and randomly pick a new book from your tbr or bookshelf


Picking a new book from your tbr or shelf is a great way to dig out of the slump. A brand new read can really get you out of it.

So that’s it guys. Hope I helped someone. Hope I helped myself because I’m currently in a slump which explains the lack of reviews lately.

Happy reading!


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