The Enemy Within by Scott Burn


I just finished this book and all I can say is whoa! The Enemy Within by Scott Burn is an awesome sci-fi story that is sure to leave the reader wanting more. I love a good sci-fi story and I knew I would like this one but I’m really surprised with how it surpassed my expectations. At less than 200 pages, it’s a quick read full of action and suspense with each page turn. Now that I have given so much praise, I should probably mention what the book is about. It is a story about a kid named Max who has had a rough life. On top of that, he also has terrible visions of a burning city and doesnt know why or how to drop them. Meanwhile a trio of teens are looking to team up with Max against a group that is after them. The 4 teens have something in common. They all have special abilities. Page turner and a fun ride from start to finish!

I loved this book and thoroughly hope that there will be a sequel. I’m grateful that the author, Scott Burn, sent me a copy to read and review however my thoughts and opinions are still my own. 4.5/5!


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