Knight of the Hunted by Elizabeth Dunlap


Knight of the Hunted is a stellar book! I really loved the main character, Lisbeth. She is a born vampire and she lives in a pretty cool castle where the most powerful vampires have companions available to drink from. There are vampire/lycan rules that have been established many years before and as long as they are followed, everything goes fine. Until the day that a Lycan kid comes into vampire territory and although the rules say that he is to be killed, Lisbeth spares him. Things spiral out of control from here with Lisbeth fleeing the castle. She has broken a rule and it’s a big deal. She is under the Lycan protection because of her good deed and is now on the run. There is another character named Knight who is a really cool character and his relationship with Lis adds even more  depth to the story. The characters are do unique and remarkable. I really felt sucked into the story and had a blast reading. Thanks to Elizabeth Dunlap, the author, for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review. This was do kind of her but it did not affect my opinions. They are my own. Fabulous story! If you enjoy paranormal reads, this one is great! 5 stars!


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