Forgotten Reflections by Young-Im

While I don’t mention it on my blog much, I am so obsessed with learning about North Korea. I find it so interesting. So I knew I had to read this book. Young-Im was kind enough to send me an e-copy to read and while I have taken a while to read it, I am so glad that I took the time. It is such a beautiful story and I loved it so much. The story is told from two viewpoints. We follow Iseul, who lives in the 50s in Korea during a time when tensions run high. She lives in a South Korean village and works hard to keep a basic life for her family. The story is a war story and Iseul finds love with a soldier later on but I won’t delve any deeper for fear of ruining the tale. The other viewpoint is set in the present day and is told by Iseul’s granddaughter, Kim Jia who is trying to find out about her grandmothers past as her grandmother is now in a nursing home and can’t answer the questions that need answers. Kim Jia wants to know more about the msyterious man who her grandmother loved. What results is a spellninding trip down memory lane where we leave the frail Ji Iseul and travel back to find the lively Ji Iseul whose story is just waiting to be told.
The author says that she got actual accounts from real life relatives and added these details to the story. She weaves the tale so beautifully that it is hard not to get lost in it. I sat st the edge of my seat wanting to see how it all unfolded! 5/5! Excellent read!


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